Information for Kiteboarders / Kitesurfers  (and Windsurfers too!)

You already know that Cabarete is a premiere Kiteboarding destination. This page will help to answer any questions that you might have regarding Kiting at the Victorian Condos.

Can you Kite in front of the Victorian Condos?

Yes! The conditions are excellent for intermediate to advanced Kiters.  The waves can be large, so beginners will want to learn in flatter water in Cabarete bay (a 20 minute walk). If you can kite upwind, it takes approx. 20-30 minutes to kite up to "La Boca" where you can enjoy flat water kiting on the river.  You can also kite down wind to Cabarete or Kite Beach - just watch for the reef in front of the Velero Hotel (it is marked by a flag).

When you are done for the day you can dry your kites on the grass in front of the condo. There are hoses and outdoor showers to wash your gear. 

Welcome to Kitesurfing paradise. 

How do the conditions compare to Cabarete Bay?

The waves are similar to those found on the reef outside the Bay. The primary difference is that the waves break closer to shore. The conditions are uncrowded. If you want some kite buddies (for safety), Miguel and Javier run a kite school just up the beach and are a super friendly crew. There are always a group of very talented locals hanging out at the school to help you out.

If I am a beginner, where can get I get lessons?

There are many excellent kite schools in Cabarete. We highly recommend Miguel and Javier at WindBay Kiteboarding. They are  IKO certified instructors who run a kite school just up the beach from the Victorian. They are friendly, reasonably priced and speak fluent English and Spanish (and a little French and German).  If you are coming to Cabarete to learn to kite, we can arrange a package deal for you with accommodations, lessons and rentals.