Frequently Asked Questions

What airport should we fly into?

Puerto Plata (POP) is your best bet (25 minute cab ride).  Santiago (STI)  - is about 90 minutes away.

How much does a taxi from the airport cost?

$35 USD plus tip from Puerto Plata.  STI will be approx. $100-120.

Do you have airport pickup?

Yes. If you give us your flight details we will have a driver waiting to pick you up when you arrive. He will have a sign with your name on it. The cost is the same as a taxi. 

Is it necessary to rent a car?

Some do, but we never have. We enjoy to walk along the beach, and all of the necessities are a short walk away. If you wish to take a taxi into town it will be approx. $5 each way.

A "moto concho" ride, on a motorcycle or scooter, will cost approx. $1-$2.

By far the least expensive mode of transportation is the "Gua Gua" (i.e. the Dominican Bus). It looks a little chaotic but it is quite fun and we have always felt very safe (you are very unlikely to get hassled on the Gua Gua -so don't be afraid!). A ride all the way to Puerto plata is 50 pesos.

If you do rent a car know that there are risks driving in a foreign county. Driving at night is not  recommended. There are many motos and cars without head lights, not to mention cows crossing the road. 

For us renting a car has never been worth doing. Taxis are not expensive - and you can hire out a driver for the day if you want to explore.

Driving Directions 

From the POP airport you will exit left and drive east towards Sosua / Cabarete. The ocean is north (on your left). 

Drive through Sosua and onto Cabarete (approx. 20 minutes).  Continue past the town center and keep heading east.  You will pass Janet's supermarket on your left, the Casino and police station on your right.  The Victorian is approx. 1 KM east of Janet's supermarket- and will be on your left side (north).  It is just before the Texaco station (if you pass the Texaco station you have gone too far).  

Shopping and Restaurants

Where is the closest grocery store?

A: Janet's supermarket is a 15 minute walk from the condo. This is the biggest grocery store in Cabarete, with the best prices.  You can use your VISA card at Janet's.

There is also a Texaco just up the block that has the best price on beer in town (Three large bottles for 100 pesos!). They also sell snacks. 

What about Restaurants?

A: There are many to choose from - and our condo manager will be happy to provide recommendations   Martinis is a short walk (5 min) up the beach. Casual dining, right on the beach, and affordable. There is a local Dominican restaurant in the other direction that is on the beach and is incredibly affordable (chicken dinner for 200 pesos).  Cabarete has many restaurants and night clubs.

About the Condo

Is the kitchen fully equiped?

A: The kitchen is fully equipped with a full set of cooking utensils, a fridge, stove, microwave, blender, coffee maker and toaster.

Can you drink the water?

A: Some do - but we don't recommend it. Tap water is fine for cooking if it is boiled. The condo has a large 5 gallon water dispenser, and the maids will restock it as required (no additional cost).  You do not need to buy water at the super market. 

If we have a problem in the condo how do we get help?

A: We are very lucky to have a team of friendly and helpful condo managers who live full time on site at the Victorian. Kevin and Francine Rollock will take great care of all your needs.


Is there a place on the beach where children can swim safely?

A: There are some fantastic tidal pools about 500m west of the condo. They are protected by a reef and are shallow and warm. Perfect for kids to splash around in. 


We have a large surfboard that our guests are free to use.  Please note that if you decide to go surfing you should be a strong swimmer, don't surf alone, and always wear a leash. 

If you are really keen on surfing, Encuentro beach is the place to go. You will need to take a taxi/moto or rent a car (about a 15 minute drive) - but it is well worth it. Very nice glassy waves. The surf shops in town have package deals and can arrange rides to/from Encuentro. 

Can you Kiteboard in front of the Condo? What about lessons?

Absolutely! See our information page on Kiteboarding. We can also arrange a discount on gear rental and lessons. 

The Rules (Yes there are a few)

The major ones:

  • Pets are not allowed at the Victorian. There is a great kennel close to Cabarete that can care for your pet 
  • No smoking is permitted inside our condo. You can smoke outside on the patio, but please be considerate.
  • All guests staying the condo *must* have proper identification and must be registered with the administrator (the exception is children under the age 16 staying with their guardian). Visitors that are not staying overnight are permitted but must show photo ID and be escorted by someone staying at the Victorian. 

Is the Victorian "Guest Friendly"?

It depends on what you mean by guest friendly - but if you have to ask the question the answer is probably no :-).   The Victorian is oriented towards families, couples and those who want a relaxed vacation.  Please note that escorts/prostitutes are *absolutely* not permitted on site.